René Bennett is not Pamela Anderson, he is a writer


The Virgin Mary Climaxes (SCAB Magazine)
Inscriptions from Ghislaine Maxwell’s Prison Cell (Hobart)
Ode to an Obsolete Cinema (Expat Press) 
Notes from Palace Walls (Ligeia Magazine)
Confessions of an E-Boy Homo (SCAB Magazine)
Softcore (SCAB Magazine)
Marx and Madonna have a chat at Death & Co. (The Gallatin Review)
John Keats in Lipstick (The Gallatin Review)
Vincit Omnia (Rainy Day Magazine)
Quickie in Brooklyn: A Ballet (Crooked Arrow Press)


Cinderella in Flames (Hobart)
Falling, or the Semiotics of Disobedience (Apocalypse Confidential)
Alonelessness (Fourteen Hills)


Confessions of an E-Boy Homo -- Exhibition (SVA Gallery)
Manifesto of Exquisite Surrender (Fecund Mag)
Björkology, or Nine Circles of Hell (Second Shift)
I Confess: The Dictation of Sexuality in Mishima’s “Confessions of a Mask” (Confluence)
Euthanasia Coaster: Mortality and Morality in Artistic Representation (Confluence)

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